DAF Trucks Limited


Built for the long haul

Low operating costs, best driver satisfaction and high reliability: the key development criteria behind DAF’s trucks for the long haul. The XF105 is the best proposition on the market today. It has the most spacious cab in its class, offers top comfort to the driver and high revenues per kilometre to the operator. It’s a top performer. 

A joy to drive

The DAF XF105 is the ultimate driver’s truck – a thoroughbred driving machine. With a spacious, comfortable cab, that is well-equipped and beautifully finished in attractive materials and warm colours. It also offers a jewel of an engine delivering up to 510 hp and torque of 2,500 Nm for optimum pulling power and smooth ride.

A sound investment

And the XF takes care of the bottom line. Features like ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), EBS (Electronic Braking System), ASR (drive slip control), VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) and Hill-start aid (in combination with AS-Tronic) provide extra driver comfort, confidence and safety. While higher payloads and less vehicle downtime - thanks to longer service intervals – put money in the bank. Whichever way you look at it a good return on investment.

The DAF XF Series: built for the long haul – and the long term.

Designed to provide the very best working and living space

The XF105 cab sets the highest standard for driver comfort. With a choice of Space Cab and Super Space Cab – both with generous interior dimensions – the XF105 offers more living, working and storage space than any other truck in its class. The result: drivers stay fit and alert longer.

High standards of interior design

In every respect, the interior has been designed to provide the best possible standards for the driver. Working and living in this cab is a pleasure. An exclusive, two-tone interior adds the touch of luxury to the Super Space Cab. Right down to the minutest detail, the wishes and working conditions of the driver have been given top priority.

Safe, comfortable control

Sit in the driver’s seat, behind the ergonomically designed steering wheel and it immediately becomes clear that safety, comfort and ease of operation were given high priority during the development of the XF105. Features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and DAF Camera System - make driving even safer and more comfortable.

Powered for profit

To extend its leading position in the field of fuel efficiency and low operating costs even further, DAF has introduced a significant number of innovations to the successful 12.9 litre PACCAR MX engine. New pistons, optimised fuel injection and a unique, fully encapsulated exhaust manifold unit ensure substantially lower fuel consumption and therefore lower CO2-emissions.

The 12.9-litre PACCAR MX engine delivers excellent performance: from 410 hp up to 510 hp and high torque of between 2,000 and 2,500 Nm, with a maximum torque available between 1,000 and 1,410 rpm. Also, with DAF SCR Technology it complies with Euro 5 and EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicles) exhaust gas emission standards. It is economical too, incorporating several technical advances that reduce fuel consumption. The XF105 also uses many low-maintenance components, which extends service intervals to further reduce operating costs.

High performance driveline

The driveline is carefully balanced to optimise performance under all operating conditions, and to make the most of the engine’s low fuel consumption. There is a choice of either a 16-speed manual or the latest AS-Tronic automated transmission to deliver power to the acclaimed DAF hypoid rear axle. There is also a hub-reduction axle for more demanding applications.

A fuel-efficient engine alone does not guarantee low fuel consumption; the gearbox and rear axle are also vitally important. That is why DAF pays great attention to integrated and optimal driveline technology. A new Intarder, plus faster rear axle ratios give the best combination of performance, efficiency and low weight.

A solid foundation

The XF105 has a highly compact chassis layout, one that cleverly integrates the exhaust silencer, battery carrier, new 100 litre AdBlue tank, and dosing unit all into one module. Also, by designing the air tanks and brake components layout on the inside of the chassis, space has been created for extra large fuel tanks.

The tractor unit can be supplied with a fuel tank capacity of up to 1,500 litres, which allows refuelling at the home base, or where it best suits the operation.

The robust XF-chassis is made of high quality steel, resulting in an exceptionally strong but lightweight chassis for high payloads.

The XF105’s chassis frame is completely flat, making it the perfect base for any superstructure. To make the body builder's job as easy as possible, the main frame members are pre-drilled to ensure easy mounting of the body.

A Body Builder's Module (BBM) can also be provided to facilitate communication between the electric systems of vehicle and body.

Two-, three- and four-axle tractors

The XF105 4 x 2 is optionally available with a fifth wheel and offers a wide choice of wheel bases. For transportation of large volumes, DAF can supply a 4 x 2 tractor version that has an extremely low fifth wheel height of only 96 centimetres.

This means that trailers with an internal height of nearly three metres can be used for load volumes of up to 100 m3. This so called Low-Deck tractor has a 7.5-tonnes front axle with parabolic springs and an 11.5-tonnes rear axle with a four-bellow air suspension. A front axle with air suspension is also available as an option.

For additional payload capacity, a range of 6 x 2 chassis are available. The twin steer 6 x 2 model comes with a steered and liftable rear axle. An important advantage of this leading rear axle is its high yard friendliness.

For special, light- or heavy-duty applications, the 6 x 2 tractors are available with liftable trailing axle with single or double mounted tyres. For operators who need a limited amount of additional payload, DAF can supply the XF105 with a light and non-steered liftable leading axle with 17.5” wheels.

To complete the tractor range, a 3-axle tractor and a 4-axle tractor with
double drive are available – especially suitable for heavy haulage.

Wide range of rigids

DAF supplies the XF105 rigid as a standard 4 x 2 model with a wide choice of wheel bases. There is also an extended range of 6 x 2 rigids. The trailing-axle versions are available with air suspension on the rear axle, either single- or dual-mounted. Air suspension at the front is optional.

The XF105 is also available as a 6 x 2 rigid with steered trailing rear axle for extra high manoeuvrability and yard-friendliness. The range has been completed with 6 x 4, 8 x 2 and 8 x 4 versions