DAF Trucks Limited

DAF LF series

The perfect partner for distribution

Agile in heavy traffic, easy to get in and out of, and low curb weights for class-leading payloads. With a tight turning radius and easy manoeuvrability, the DAF LF series with GVW’s ranging from 7,5 to 21 tonnes is the perfect partner for urban and regional distribution.

Designed to deliver

DAF’s LF Series offers superb manoeuvrability, easy cab access, low kerb weights for class-leading payloads, comfort, performance and fuel efficiency. The ideal distribution truck, with GVMs from 7.5 to 21 tonnes. Smooth and comfortable for the driver. Reliable, flexible and economical for the operator. Furthermore, the modern design of the LF reflects your company’s image. The DAF LF Series is not only ideally suited to town and country, it will also meet the needs of longer trips.

Inviting interior

Open the door and you immediately experience the quality of the LF interior. Indeed, the styling and standard of finish more resemble that of a luxury passenger car. The colour schemes and materials used mean that the LF cab offers a pleasant, comfortable working environment.

The dashboard and modern instrument panel, the adjustable steering wheel with integrated controls and optional airbag, and the well positioned handles and switches, all demonstrate how the creation of an ergonomic working environment was a key target in the design process of the LF Series.

The wide, deep windscreen and narrow pillars provide excellent visibility, while green-tinted glass helps keep the cab cool. The six mirror layout provides a larger field of vision for greater safety. The LF has four-point cab mountings to maximize comfort. Noise and vibration levels are even lower due to engine and cab mounts, resulting in more driving comfort, less driver fatigue and more safety.

The comfort of power

The LF Series is equipped with four- and six-cylinder PACCAR engines, developed to meet the latest Euro 5 emission standards. Furthermore, the four-cylinder PACCAR FR engines are all standard available in versions that meet the stringent EEV emission standards. The 4.5 and 6.7 litre engines are designed to offer high levels of efficiency, reliability and durability to the operator and smooth, comfortable power to the driver.

140 to 300 efficient horses

The LF Series offers a wide choice of power ratings to suit every application in the most efficient way. The 4.5 litre four cylinder PACCAR FR engine is available with outputs of 140 hp, 160 hp, 185 hp or 207 hp and torque levels of 550 Nm, 600 Nm, 700 Nm and 760 Nm respectively. The 6.7 litre six cylinder PACCAR GR engine offers maximum outputs of 220 hp, 250 hp, 285 hp or 300 hp with corresponding torque figures of 850 Nm, 950 Nm, 1,020 Nm or 1,100 Nm. Importantly, the maximum available torque is available from as low as 1,200 rpm, resulting in greater flexibility and less gear shifting.

EEV (Enhanced Environmentally friendly Vehicle) engine

Especially for inner-city distribution, there is an EEV 160 hp version of the LF available in which low EEV emission values are achieved, by optimal combustion, without the need of a soot filter.

Designed for high payloads

The chassis layout and positioning of components has been optimized, to minimize vehicle weight and optimize the available space for auxiliary equipment. More payload and lower costs per kilometre were the design criteria for the chassis too.

The LF-chassis is made of high quality steel, resulting in an exceptionally strong but lightweight chassis for high payloads. It is completely flat, making it the ideal base for any superstructure. To make the bodybuilder’s job as easy as possible, the main frame members are pre-drilled to ensure easy mounting of the body. Body mounting brackets are available as an option.

Dedicated to productivity

Trucks like the DAF LF Series are used in many different applications, from urban and regional distribution to long distance lightweight transport and special applications such as roadsweepers, refuse collectors or fire engines. This versatility requires an extensive vehicle range to achieve greater productivity in every transport application.

Fit for purpose

To satisfy as many distribution needs as possible, the LF is available in various wheelbases and axle configurations, including tractors and a three-axle rigid with steered trailing axle.

The LF45 is available in GVMs of between 7.5 and 12 tonnes, whereas the LF55 covers GVMs from 12 up to 21 tonnes, while offering a maximum train weight of up to 32 tonnes. In all versions, the low kerb weight ensures best-in-class payload for the highest productivity.

PTO programme

In view of the wide range of applications of vehicles in the DAF LF45 and LF55 class, there is also a demand for a PTO in this segment. For example for a fridge unit, tipper or crane drive unit. Again the LF provides tailor-made solutions with a wide range of PTO options. As a new option FA LF55 vehicles with 6-cylinder engines can now be supplied with an indirect front-end PTO preparation for refrigerated transport.