DAF Trucks Limited

DAF LF Hybrid

‘Green in distribution’

The new standard in environmental-friendly distribution: DAF LF Hybrid. By using both diesel and electric power, fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emission reductions of 10 to 20% can be achieved, depending on the application. The 12 tonnes DAF LF Hybrid uses a so-called parallel diesel/electric hybrid system. It is driven by the diesel engine, the electric engine or a combination of both.

Diesel and/or electric drive

Its 4.5-litre PACCAR FR diesel engine naturally complies with the ultra-low EEV emission requirements. It offers a maximum power of 118 kW/160 hp and is linked to an automatic Eaton six-speed gearbox.

Between clutch and gearbox is the electric motor which provides drive as well as a generator function. Energy released during braking is stored in special lithium-ion batteries for re-use during acceleration.

A central computer determines when the diesel engine provides the drive and when and to what extent the electric motor is used.

Low weight

In total, the DAF LF45.160 Hybrid is some 300 kilograms heavier than the standard model with only a diesel engine. Because the DAF LF series is famous for its favourable kerb weight, the 12-ton LF Hybrid still offers a large payload of some 7.5 tons.

Start/stop system

When the hybrid battery pack is fully charged, the LF Hybrid truck can travel about two kilometers electrically and without the need of the diesel engine.

In practice, this is enough for driving in and out of the “green zones” in city centers. In circumstances such as these, the diesel engine remains at idle in order to drive various components, such as the steering pump and the air compressor.

The LF Hybrid is also equipped with a start/stop system for zero fuel consumption and zero emissions when the vehicle is stopped.

Longer parts service life

Another advantage of hybrid technology is that components susceptible to wear, such as brake pads and clutch plate, will have a longer service life because braking is generated by the electric motor.

  • Eco-friendly image
  • Reduced emissions
  • Vehicle access where city bans are in place
  • Improved fuel economy (10 to 20%, dependant upon the application)
  • Contribution to corporate CO2 reduction (carbon footprint)
  • Less brake and clutch wear
  • Better acceleration

Hybrid technology will be developed further in the next few years, particularly with regard to batteries. That is why the DAF LF Hybrid is offered as standard via PACCAR Financial Europe with a full operational lease contract. The DAF dealer can implement any potential updates during the contract term. This ensures that you always have the most environmentally friendly vehicle for a fixed price per month.

PACCAR, leading the way in hybrid technology

PACCAR – DAF’s parent company – is leading the way in the field of hybrid technology. In the United States, the Kenworth and Peterbilt brands offer a range of models where use of diesel/electric hybrid technology significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions. As part of PACCAR’s international hybrid program, the DAF LF Hybrid truck was developed in close collaboration with Eaton, Eindhoven University of Technology and Leyland Trucks Ltd, also a PACCAR company.

DAF has extensive experience of hybrid technology. As long ago as the eighties, DAF developed a hybrid bus concept, followed in the nineties by a prototype of a hybrid utility vehicle based on the CF. It was the weight of the battery packs in particular that hindered further development. Now that the weight of these has been reduced to about 100 kilos, hybrid technology is a viable solution for saving fuel and therefore reducing CO2 emissions.