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The all-new DAF-designed and produced PACCAR engines combine excellent performance with economical fuel consumption.

Built-in quality

The use of high-quality materials such as Compact Graphite Iron for cylinder block and cylinder head and extensive function integration result in excellent reliability and durability. The inlet manifold, for example, is integrated in the cylinder head, while the oil filter, oil thermostat and oil cooler are combined in a single lubrication oil module. The unique SMART injection system, together with SCR catalytic converter technology, means that the PACCAR engines meet the stringent Euro 4 and 5 emission standards even without a soot filter.

The new 6-cylinder in-line engines with smart high-presure injection, are cleaner and deliver high power and torque at low engine speeds.

All new PACCAR engines are designed to offer the highest standards of economy, reliability and durability to please  operators while comfortable power benefits the driver.

  • Low operating costs
  • Excellent fuel consumption
  • Longer life
  • Longer service intervals
  • Light weight
  • High reliability
  • High durability
  • High driver comfort

PACCAR PR engine

The 9.2 litre PACCAR PR 6-cylinder in-line engine with 24 valves is available in two power variants: 228 kW (310 hp) and 265 kW (360 hp).

With a bore and stroke of 118 and 140 mm respectively, the PACCAR PR engine has a displacement of 9.2 litres and uses a number of technologies that are featured in PACCAR’s MX engine such as SMART high-pressure fuel injection. The result is optimum engine performance with the lowest possible emission of harmful exhaust gases.

Valve and valve seats are made out of the same materials as for the PACCAR MX engine for even greater reliability and durability, resulting in low operating costs.

It’s light weight (no more than 830 kg), high performance and excellent fuel consumption make the PACCAR PR engine an attractive solution for coach operators looking to maximise passenger/luggage capacity.

Engine PR-228 PR-265
Maximum Power (kW) 228 265
Rpm at Pmax 2200 2200
Maximum torque (Nm) 1275 1450
Rpm at Tmax (from-till) 1700 1700

General information PR engines
No. of cylinders and cylinder arrangement 6 in line, vertical
Cycle 4-stroke
Bore (mm) 118
Stroke (mm) 140
Piston displacement (dm³) 9,2
Aspiration Turbocharged and Intercooled
Idle speed (rpm) 600 +/- 25
Max. no load governed speed (rpm) 2200 +/- 25
Dry weight engine only (kg) 860

  • Low operating costs
  • Excellent fuel consumption
  • Longer life
  • Longer service intervals
  • Low own weight
  • High reliability
  • High durability
  • High driver comfort

PACCAR MX engine

The 12.9 litre PACCAR MX engine series is a compact 6-cylinder in-line engine with a low own weight and favourable installation dimensions (1154 mm long, 1150 mm high and 789 mm wide).

This heavy duty diesel engine combines excellent performances with economical fuel consumption. The unique electronic SMART injection system, together with catalytic converter technology, means that the engine meets the stringent Euro 4 and Euro 5 emission standards without the need of a soot filter.

The PACCAR MX engine is available in four power variants: 265 kW (360 hp), 300 kW (410 hp), 340 kW (460 hp) and 375 kW (510 hp). A range ideally suited to meet the ever increasing demands for higher engine outputs, optimum capability in coping with other traffic, drive comfort and safety. And more than a match for the heavier, high mileage sector such as 13 and 15 metre three-axle coaches and double deckers.

Engine MX-265 MX-300 MX-340 MX-375
Maximum Power (Kw) 265 300 340 375
Rpm at Pmax 1900 1900 1900 1900
Maximum torque (Nm) 1775 2000 2300 2500
Rpm at Tmax (from - till) 1410 1410 1410 1410

General information MX engines
No. of cylinders and cylinder arrangement 6 in line, vertical
Cycle 4-stroke
Bore (mm) 130
Stroke (mm) 162
Piston displacement (dm³) 12,9
Aspiration Turbocharged and Intercooled
Idle speed 550 +/- 25
Max. no load governed speed (rpm) 1900 +/- 25
Dry weight engine only (kg) 1085

Optimal vehicle availability

Whether maintenance is planned or unplanned, a coach or bus must spend the shortest time possible in the workshop. We understand that time is money for our customers. Optimum availability of ‘DAF Genuine Parts’ is therefore vital.
In fact, the PACCAR Parts Distribution Centres in Eindhoven (NL), Leyland (GB) and Madrid (E) send out parts every day to more than 1,300 delivery addresses right across Europe.

These distribution centres guarantee that every DAF Coach and Bus Service dealer and every DAF service point has the fastest access to the right driveline parts for every DAF powered vehicle.

TRP – the one stop-shop

TRP, the unique parts programme developed by DAF to provide truck operators with a ‘one-stop shop’ facility for a current array of 31,000 maintenance products, is now available to the coach and bus sector.
Working alongside the DAF genuine parts programme, TRP includes a comprehensive range of ‘workshop consumables’ and ‘All Makes’ fast moving items such as filters, batteries and wiper blades applicable to coaches and buses.

International Breakdown Service (ITS)

“Coaches powered by DAF engines will have the very best support anywhere in Europe,” that is the DAF promise. It is backed by a growing number of Bus and Coach Specialists which has emerged from the 1,000 DAF ITS service dealers, that cover all major routes and form a Euro-wide support network providing assistance for coaches 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A single telephone call to the ITS centre is all that’s needed to put DAF back-up into operation. At the other end of the line is a team that cannot only speak all European languages they also know what they are talking about when it comes to coaches.

In fact, although some 70 per cent of problems are not even related to the drive-line DAF mechanics usually have the experience and know-how to find a solution. If they can’t, they know who and where is the nearest specialist who can.

Importantly, coach assistance from ITS which is prioritized, also extends to the driver and his/her passengers. Arrangements can be made to carry out repairs when the coach is not in use (e.g. a hotel or restaurant). Similarly, in the event of a major breakdown, accommodation or a replacement coach can be organized.

In short, whatever is needed to solve a problem or get a coach and its passengers back on the road with minimum delay. Often copied but never equalled, ITS is on stand-by day and night, 365 days a year.