DAF Trucks Limited

Distribution Range

Manoeuvrable, comfortable and efficient

Distribution transport requires custom-made trucks. Light trucks with a short wheelbase for optimum manoeuvrability for fast courier services. Heavier three axle trucks for building materials distribution. Rigids with flat, curtainsided or box body, refrigerated box, dray or glass carrier. With a tail lift, crane or truck-mounted forklift. Tractors with a steered city trailer...

Custom solutions in distribution

Distribution transport is as diverse as the goods that are transported. It is therefore essential to select the right vehicle specifications. The DAF dealer is the right place to start.

Every transport application has its own specific requirements, which is why each DAF truck is unique. The same applies for distribution transport.

Each DAF truck is built according to customer specifications. With an ample choice of cabs, chassis, drivelines and axle configurations. And all manufactured to the highest level of quality. After all, reliability and safety are essential in this branch of business.

The same goes for manoeuvrability, optimum ease of operation, easy entry and exit and low fuel consumption. And powerful, versatile engines, that easily adapt the vehicle's speed to the traffic flow. Plus of course the right payload with sufficient reserve, especially on the front axle.

The DAF LF and CF series provide a broad range of distribution trucks. Exactly the right truck for each application.

DAF LF45 and LF55 from 7.5 to 21 tonnes GVM


At home in city and regional transport

The DAF LF is designed for distribution work from front to rear. With its compact dimensions, tight turning circle and light steering, the LF offers greater manoeuvrability than any other truck. With engine outputs ranging from 140 to 300 hp, the right engine can be selected for every application. An automated gearbox is also available as an option.

The LF's low kerb weight ensures the highest gross payload in its class, varying from almost 4.5 tonnes at a GVM of 7.5 tonnes for the lightest LF45 to 13 tonnes for the 18-tonne LF55. And the LF55 with a steered trailing third axle combines a gross payload of 15.5 tonnes with optimum manoeuvrability. In addition, all LFs have sufficient extra capacity on the front axle, to prevent overloading with partial loads. And with a maximum GCM of 32 tonnes, a trailer is also a possibility. The LF55 is also available as a tractor. Ideally suited for lightweight city trailers, for example.

DAF CF series

Efficient all-rounders

Based on the same smart chassis design as the LF, the CF65 also provides all the characteristics you would expect a distribution truck to have, but with the larger CF cab. And should something heavier be required, you need to look no further than the CF75, which is ideal both as a rigid and as a tractor for urban and regional distribution.

As with all DAF trucks, the CF offers the highest standards of reliability and cost efficiency per kilometre. Maximum serviceability, low operating costs and a high payload thanks to the low kerb weight. The powerful and flexible six-cylinder in-line engines guarantee low fuel consumption. Add to this the excellent driving characteristics, optimum safety thanks to the electronically controlled ventilated DAF disc brakes, and optimum comfort — and the CF is the ultimate driving machine for the driver. And with its low costs per kilometre, it is the ideal distribution truck for the operator.