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Construction Range

The construction sector's a tough place to make a living. In this demanding environment you need every advantage you can get and the CF range of construction vehicles has been designed to reduce your costs and give you all the productivity and performance you need.

Having balanced fuel economy payload and manoeuvrability, we have created a range of vehicles built for real driving efficiency. In either 6x4 or 8x4, DAF's total driveline philosophy ensures a perfect balance between engine gearbox and axle - giving drivers better response, more effective torque, fewer shifts and outstanding performance on or off the road.


DAF knows just how much punishment construction vehicles have to take throughout their working lives. That’s why the CF range is purpose designed to withstand the rigours of life on-site and maintain maximum productivity an all conditions

6x4 and 8x4 models feature an 8-rod bogie to keep the rear axles geometrically located for stability and maximum articulation. 8x4 models also feature DAF’s ‘non-reactive’ , low-maintenance load compensating suspension system for an even load balance on the front axles and even brake wear on diminishing loads.

  • Straight front axle for a large approach angle and maximum ground clearance.
  • All 8x4 models also come with a radiator protection plate.
  • Impact resistant ‘Lexan’ headlamps with integral indicators
  • Wraparound steel bumper, providing maximum protection against knocks.
  • Reinforced mudguards
  • Vertical exhaust and heat shield to keep it out of harm’s way.
  • High output 80amp alternator  - rapidly charges the heavy duty 140 amp/hour ‘deep cycle’ batteries,
  • Batteries designed to drain more slowly reducing the likelihood of breakdowns due to battery failure.
  • Longer time-based service periods and oil change intervals


The CF cab is designed to offer comfort, space and practicality. DAF’s experience in maximising driver potential has led to the creation of a working environment designed to keep drivers at their best for longer

  • Ergonomically modelled to accommodate a full range of driver shapes
  • Pneumatic adjustment of the steering wheel height and rake
  • Adjustable high-backed, air-suspended seats with integral seatbelts
  • Car-like styling
  • Curving dash creates more working space whilst placing all vital controls - and the radio - within easy reach
  • Carry out most daily checks from the driver’s seat
  • Up to 900 litres of storage in the Space Cab option
  • Spacious door pockets
  • Lockable central unit with drinks holders
  • Additional storage compartments beneath the bed
  • Open storage trays above the screen and behind the seat
  • Vehicle Intelligence Centre collects information from the vehicle
  • Digital Information Panel in the centre of the dash
  • 15 vehicle data functions - all accessed by a one touch scrolling button
  • Information includes fuel consumption figures, a constantly updated average figure and an overall trip average
  • Pre-wired with integral in-cab phone circuitry and mounting point


The beautifully balanced driveline of DAF’s construction range delivers all the pulling power you need to work effectively in a tough environment. All engines meet Euro 4/5 emissions levels courtesy of DAF’s advanced UPEC electronic engine management technology - and with peak torque achieved over a wide rev. range from tickover to cruising speed you’re assured of greater driving flexibility.


  • Engines at 360, 410, 460 and 510hp
  • 360, 410, 410 (SR), 460 and 510 (HR). SR = Single Reduction, HR = Hub Reduction
  • CF75 delivers up to 1450Nm of torque
  • CF85 models deliver up to 1950Nm of torque
  • Cruise control comes as standard for better fuel returns
  • Optional DAF engine brake on CF85 for up to 300kW of braking power and longer brake life.


  • 8 speed transmissions as standard on CF75
  • 8 or 16 speed synchromesh gearboxes on CF85
  • Servoshift  available on all 8x4 models as an option.
  • Aluminium gearbox housings reduce weight
  • Heavy duty clutches for longer life

Optional AS-Tronic transmission

  • A state-of-the-art automatic gearbox with a sequential shift feature.
  • In ‘Drive’ mode, the AS-Tronic system automatically selects the optimum gear
  • Ultra-slow ‘manoeuvre’ function
  • Low-maintenance propshafts for greater reliability.
  • Highly efficient single reduction axle with mechanical cross and inter-axle diff. locks
  • 380 and 430hp CF85 available with hub reduction drive axles.


DAF’s low-maintenance CF chassis is designed to save weight and reduce running costs. With an extensive range of variants you can be sure that DAF has the configuration for you - whatever your application.

  • Front end prepared for tipping ram-gear
  • Back end ready to accept a tipping hinge,
  • Four 6x4 wheelbases up to 6.0m
  • Three 8x4 wheelbases up to 7.1m
  • Choice of silencer configurations to suit all applications
  • One piece water & salt resistant wiring loom
  • Choice of aluminium fuel tank capacities
  • PTO option for mixer/pumping applications.
  • Maintenance-free shackle bushes mean no chassis lubrication


DAF not only has one of the most extensive back up networks – it’s also open for more hours than any other manufacturer, and staffed by highly trained DAF technicians using only genuine DAF parts. That decreases downtime, and ultimately increases residual value too.

For rapid and accurate servicing or repairs, our DAVIE XD diagnostics downloads information directly from your DAF truck’s Vehicle Information Centre. In addition, DAFs unique MultiSupport servicing, repair and maintenance options give you the flexibility to control maintenance costs over the long term. And on the road, you have the reassurance of DAFaid, our legendary roadside assistance service. It takes only 47 minutes to get a vehicle back on the road!

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