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Web Connect

Control over your vehicle fleet

Connect is compact and easy to use; it is a Windows-based vehicle maintenance package that has been developed from the ground up for vehicle fleets of all sizes. Connect provides you with direct visibility of the maintenance and costs of your complete vehicle fleet and your parts stock.

Connect is the right tool for the job!

Connect is a maintenance package designed to manage repair costs, maintenance schedules, parts stock and sourcing for an entire fleet of vehicles. This program does not require any investment in high-performance computer systems. It is user-friendly and uses barcode scanning to reduce the likelihood of input errors, enabling you to work more efficiently. The maintenance information relating to your vehicle fleet can be accessed quickly and easily at all times, regardless of time or place.

Your immediate benefits:

  • Immediate and clear insight into maintenance and costs for your vehicle fleet
  • Simple, efficient and quick to use
  • Information is always up-to-date
  • No system administration or maintenance
  • Data management by a leading IT company, always available; virus-free, so no risk of data loss.

Connect has been specially developed for DAF Trucks working in co-operation with our customers. Together, we have the expertise and the power to develop innovative and progressive solutions for the transport sector. An unbeatable combination!

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Connect is ideal for customers who maintain their vehicle fleet themselves. As a fleet owner with your own repair facilities, you will be able to make the best use of this workshop management program.

A good example here is MCB Nederland: The company has been working with Connect for some time now, to its complete satisfaction.

"Connect is a program that is simple to use and saves us time in practice. A major benefit is that we are able to record everything in the program that happens with the truck fleet. Based on the history that we continue to build up day by day, we can carry out analyses at any time on costs incurred and potential savings. In order to make the most of working with Connect, it is important that the database is as complete as possible from the outset. Once all vehicles, employees, maintenance schedules, parts etc. had been entered by the Connect team, we began to reap the rewards of this system immediately."

Jürgen Bovée
Workshop administrator

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Basic Functions

Connect will help you with warranty claims and improving employee productivity. In addition to this, your vehicle availability will be substantially improved by preventive maintenance.

Vehicle efficiency can be easily monitored to ensure that the right vehicle can be employed. Do you know which truck is the most efficient per kilometre? Per litre of fuel? Per cubic metre? Now you can find out!

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Connect is an extremely comprehensive workshop administration package. The following add-ons are available to expand functionality in order to match Connect even more closely to your own situation:

Barcode scanning:

With this module, manual entry of part numbers, job orders and engineer details becomes a thing of the past. A barcode scanner provides you with information about the productivity of your engineers at the touch of a button. If you have the time recording module, you will also be able to record how your engineers spend their time.

CN 3



Barcode printer:

This printer enables you to print barcode labels yourself. You can use it not only for parts that are not yet bar-coded or incorrectly bar-coded, but also for your warehouse racks.

Job order invoicing

This option enables you to invoice others from Connect for all maintenance and repair activities.

Warehouse stock-taking

This option enables you to carry out a stock-take of your parts stock quickly and easily using a hand-held computer.

Parts by job order

This option enables you and your engineer(s) to book parts to a job order quickly and easily, and update the stock details automatically, using a hand-held computer.

Financial interface

This option enables you to establish a link between Connect and your existing accounts package


Your database will be completed with the vehicles you own, maintenance data, engineers, hourly rates, part numbers, suppliers, customers etc., allowing you to get straight down to work. The package you buy includes various on-site training sessions at your premises; support is also provided by DAF.

Connect utilises WebEx in order to offer you even better and faster support. This program enables us to view your screen or you to view ours during a session. This simplifies communication and enables us to provide you with quicker support.