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Better for all parts

Today's transport operators are facing increasing pressure to cut costs and improve vehicle and employee productivity. With Xpress, you can save a considerable amount of time on tasks such as repeated calls to suppliers, quotation requests and parts ordering. Xpress flags up warranty cases and assists you in making claims. Xpress allocates the cost of the parts to the vehicle on which the part has been used, providing you with a summary of costs per vehicle. Xpress is extremely user-friendly and is a universal ordering program that has been developed from the ground up for vehicle fleets of all sizes.

Xpress has been specially developed for DAF Trucks working in co-operation with our customers. DAF's target market for Xpress is customers who maintain their vehicle fleet themselves. It is these fleet owners with their own repair facilities who can make the best use of this universal ordering program. Xpress can also offer substantial added value for independent workshops. Xpress can be used for all makes and models of vehicle, and even for trailers, superstructures, machinery, lift trucks, garage doors and fire extinguishers.

Parts availability:

  • Automatic parts order list updating
  • Simple 1-on-1 replenishment

The best price:

  • Price comparison possible between suppliers
  • Selection of the best price è preferred supplier
  • A dealer can actively join the bidding on the order è lower price?

Independence in ordering:

  • Replaces all separate ordering systems from other suppliers.
  • Parts orders can be sent to suppliers other than DAF

Quick and easy ordering:

  • Ordering from various suppliers with a single click of the mouse

Claiming on warranty:

  • Recording whenever a part is booked to a vehicle
  • Alert on repeat replacement within the warranty period

Parts request:

  • Request for part number and price via Xpress. No waiting on the phone and reading off chassis numbers.

Tracing special orders:

  • Recording details of the vehicle for which a part has been ordered

There are a number of add-on modules under development. These modules are currently as follows:

  • Job orders
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Stock management

You can contact us if you would like to find out more about Xpress, DAF's universal ordering program. Our staff can fill you in on the various capabilities with reference to with your business situation.

The functionalities of Connect can also be demonstrated at your premises. This will enable you to experience for yourself how user-friendly and powerful the program is. You can use the form below, but please feel free simply to call us or send a fax instead.

Please send an email to daf-connect@daftrucks.com