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MCB Nederland

MCB Nederland B.V. is a supplier of metal in many grades and configurations; it also supplies transport and trailer components and fasteners. The entire fleet of vehicles, 75 DAF tractor-trailer combinations, is maintained at the company's own workshop in Valkenswaard.

Workshop boss Wim Schellekens, together with eight engineers and workshop administrator Jürgen Bovée, is responsible for scheduling and maintenance for the entire fleet.

Before MCB started working with Connect, the company used a stand-alone maintenance program. Connect is Internet-based, which means it can be used at any desired location. You are no longer dependent on the single PC that runs the program. This is also a major benefit for MCB.

Using the customer-specific maintenance schedule set up in Connect, fleet maintenance, repair and testing are kept up-to-date automatically.

A further benefit is that details of activities, parts and loss-making items are easily retrieved for each vehicle. In short, Connect reduces the likelihood of errors and saves time.