DAF Trucks Limited

Web Connect Basic functions

Connect features the following standard functionalities.

Connect is compact and easy to use; it is a Windows-based vehicle maintenance package that has been developed from the ground up for vehicle fleets of all sizes. Connect provides you with direct visibility of the maintenance and costs of your complete vehicle fleet and your parts stock.


  • Connect can be used for all types of vehicle, regardless of make (and even for trailers, superstructures, machinery, lift trucks etc.)
  • Tracking of preventive maintenance, warranty and maintenance history
  • Unlimited expansion of vehicle types
  • Job orders:
  • Simple job order creation/copying (from historical job orders too)
  • Expansion of schedules for the purposes of preventive and periodic maintenance
  • Supervision and alerts for overdue and planned maintenance
  • Supervision of productivity of engineers
  • Purchase orders created simply from the job order
  • Barcode scanning of parts onto a job order

Stock management:

Stock orders are processed rapidly, easily and paper-free via an electronic link between you and the DAF dealer, but you can create orders from Connect for all your suppliers. Purchase orders are sent out directly to enable rapid and efficient settlement. Your DAF dealer can also help you to manage your stock by means of price updates, stock parameters and parts suggestions.

  • Quick and easy ordering (manual/automatic)
  • Fully integrated with the purchase order module
  • Movement of stock from one warehouse to another
  • Parts references and cross-references
  • Multiple supplier management
  • Various stock scheduling/management capabilities
  • Parts stock barcode scanning

Purchase orders:

  • Simple creation of purchase orders based on stock levels
  • Processing of goods received by line or complete order
  • Rapid overview of the purchasing history of a part
  • Available directly to your DAF dealer
  • Preventive maintenance:
  • Preventive maintenance schedules specified in line with customer wishes, by vehicle or by group
  • Tracking of preventive maintenance schedules
  • Alerts for overdue maintenance
  • Simple creation of job orders from preventive maintenance history


  • Over 30 standard reports available
  • A large number of report parameters enable reports to be customised
  • Data is always up-to-date and in real time, which makes for improved decision-making by management.

Optional modules:

  • Job order invoicing
  • Barcode scanner
  • Barcode label printer
  • Technical support

Training & support:

  • Range of training options, including on-site and Internet-based training
  • Direct support from DAF