MAX Card

MAX Card: one card, numerous benefits

The MAX Card gives you priority. You will be entitled to special offers on DAF and TRP parts. These offers are exclusive. As a MAX Cardholder you are always among the first to be notified of new products, market developments and DAF services. The MAX Card is free and offers you a huge number of benefits. Register now and request your personal MAX Card.

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    A list of the MAX Card benefits

    The MAX Card not only gives you offers, but also extra service and exclusive privileges.


    • Offers only for cardholders
    • One of the first to be informed about special campaigns
    • Get to know new products at a reduced price
    • Special offer for driver items


  • Tips and advice on reducing maintenance costs
  • Information about DAF International Truck Service (ITS)
  • Information about trends and legislation


  • To truck events with discount
  • You receive the 'DAF in Action' magazine