DAF Genuine Parts

Safety, reliability and optimal returns

Every DAF truck that rolls off the production line has already travelled a long road through development and testing. This ensures that all our trucks meet the highest standards in relation to safety, reliability, performance, operating costs and the environment. We also place the same high demands on our DAF Genuine Parts. This makes it possible for you to obtain the maximum returns from your truck and company.

    The advantages of DAF Genuine Parts:

  • Parts are 100% tuned to your DAF truck
  • Maximum lifespan and performance
  • Reliability
  • Full DAF warranty
  • Minimal operational costs

DAF offers an excellent warranty on all DAF Genuine Parts. If the parts are installed by a DAF dealer, you not only have a warranty on the DAF Genuine Parts but also on the cost of installation. You purchase thus not only a DAF Genuine Part but also the accompanying experience and service.

      Because the parts are specially designed for your vehicle you can be sure that they function perfectly together and result in optimum performance of your truck.

DAF has an extensive, qualified dealer network spread throughout all of Europe. This ensures that you can always call upon a nearby DAF dealer for all your parts needs. Thanks to a state-of-the-art inventory management system, the DAF dealer almost always has the correct part directly available. You can recognise DAF Genuine Parts by their DAF Genuine Parts packaging.

When your truck requires maintenance or repair, we advise you to choose proven quality. Choose DAF Genuine Parts. The use of non-original parts can have a negative influence on the fuel consumption of your vehicle. This ultimately leads to lower profits for your company.

DAF Lubricants is an integral element in the DAF Genuine Parts line-up and in our efforts to improve customer retention. Thanks to the extensive range of DAF lubricants, we can offer you lubricants for every PACCAR engine model.

The DAF Lubricants range covers engine oils of all types, from high performance to fuel saving; from mineral to synthetic. Driveline oils also form an important part of the DAF Lubricant range and include gear oils for manual, automatic gearboxes and differential oils. To cover the full programme we offer you also a complete range of coolants.

All selected DAF Lubricants fulfill five crucial functions to meet the high DAF standards and approval process.

1. Lubrication

The metal parts within engines move at very high speeds and are made to extremely tight tolerances. So a proper lubrication is significant.

2. Sealing

Although the tolerances between the piston and cylinder wall are extremely tight, there is a minute gap. The oil helps to seal this gap, maintaining the compression ratio and therefore engine power.

3. Cooling

A lesser known but vital function that oil provides is heat transfer. It carries the heat away from the hotter regions of the engine and dissipates the heat as it passes through the oil cooler.

4. Cleaning

Detergents contained in the oil help to prevent the formation of deposits on hot surfaces. This keeps the engine clean, particularly the pistons and prevents piston rings from sticking.

5. Rust prevention

Combustion in the engine creates acids which can cause rust and corrosion. The oil contains special detergents which neutralize these acids, preventing rust and corrosion.

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Bluetooth Adapter

Partno. 1826638

The perfect solution for mobile phones with bluetooth technology for which no cradle is available in the DAF accessories program.

Specially developed for DAF, takes over the telephone functionalities and synchronizes with DIP.

Supports steering wheel control for safety and fixation on the road during your telephone conversation.

For a complete compatibility list, please check the accessories catalogue under XF, CF, LF; easy drive.