DAF Accessories

Functional and fun

DAF trucks literally 'drive' your transport revenues and company image, thanks to their economy, quality and low maintenance costs. But DAF does a lot more to help you boost your truck's performance and 'looks'. You can tailor your truck so it's exactly as you want it.

The DAF accessory range has everything you need to drive your business:

  • Cost cutters to reduce operating costs
  • Easy drive for even greater driver comfort
  • Safe drive to protect the driver and his DAF as well as other road users and the environment
  • Great impressions to strengthen your company image and boost driver pride
  • High gear to give you that special DAF feeling, everywhere

The DAF accessory range: all the extras that can make a big difference in your transport business. A dedicated range that helps drivers and trucks to 'function' even better, while adding a bit of transport 'fun' in your everyday business. By providing more safety and comfort on the road, cutting operating costs and enhancing your company's image. There is even a special line of DAF gear for everyone who wants to enjoy the DAF feeling. On and off the road.

The comprehensive DAF accessory range has been developed for each DAF truck. DAF LF, CF and XF. From spoilers, seat covers, sun visors and aluminum wheels to a cooler or TV/video. Each accessory is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last, and which also match our trucks perfectly. With a rugged, attractive design that makes them a pleasure to use - and to own, a range of features that really enhances the driving experience.

Online accessories catalogue

For the most up to date and complete assortment of accessories for your DAF XF, CF and LF, see the online accessories catalogue.

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