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DAF introduces new roof spoiler

As part of the DAF Advanced Transport Efficiency (ATe) programme


DAF is introducing a new, lower-weight roof spoiler, featuring an improved adjustment range with a unique adjusting mechanism, which makes it easy for the driver to position the spoiler at an optimum height.

The new roof spoiler fits in perfectly with the DAF ATe (Advanced Transport Efficiency) programme, which aims to further reduce fuel consumption and emissions while optimising truck efficiency.

The new roof spoiler will be available as an option from the end of the summer on all XF105 Space Cab models. The main feature that sets this spoiler apart is its wider adjustment range, which means that it can also be used with low deck tractors. The new, adjustable roof spoiler is also 25 kilograms lighter, which increases the truck's load capacity.

A feature of the new roof spoiler designed especially for the XF105 Space Cab is the option to fit the roof spoiler with a convenient adjusting mechanism, which allows the driver to easily adjust the height of the spoiler while standing next to the truck using an adjusting spindle fitted to the rear wall of the cabin or on the inside of the fenders. This ensures that the spoiler can always be positioned at the right height, which can lower fuel consumption by a few percent.


The new roof spoiler fits in perfectly with DAF ATe, a complete range of solutions that further reduce fuel consumption and emissions while improving truck efficiency. The programme also includes the innovations introduced on the 12.9 litre PACCAR MX engine, such as new pistons and a fully encapsulated exhaust manifold, which on its own is capable of reducing fuel consumption by 3%. In addition, the engine is switched off automatically once it has been idling for five minutes, and the maximum speed ex-factory is limited to 85 instead of 89 km/h, making it possible to achieve a further 2 to 3% reduction in fuel consumption CO2 emissions. In order to raise the driver's awareness of the importance of low fuel consumption, information on the current and achieved fuel consumption is provided on the central display on the dashboard as standard.


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