DAF Trucks Limited

driven by quality

DAF is driven by quality. In all aspects. In all corners of the organisation. DAF’s aim: delivering the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction.

PACCAR Production System

Each department at DAF is responsible for the quality it delivers. For instance, the departments producing engine blocks and cylinder heads are responsible for the quality of parts delivered to the Engine Assembly. Indeed, this responsibility also applies to individuals. All employees are responsible for the level of quality that they deliver. The employees form the foundation of the PACCAR Production System: an endless race to achieve increasingly high quality standards.

DAF’s employees know the practical aspects of the job like no-one else, and they are the experts when it comes to the question of how they can carry out their work even better and more efficiently. The PACCAR Production System aims at doing everything right first time.

ISO/TS 16949

The constant focus on quality and customer satisfaction, has resulted in DAF Trucks N.V. being the first truck manufacturer in the world to comply with the new ISO/TS 16949 world standard in quality. Compared with the ISO 9001 standard, which DAF achieved back in 1992, ISO/TS 16949 places more emphasis on aspects such as continuous improvement and the prevention of anomalies and waste prevention. It therefore links in seamlessly with methodologies like Six Sigma and Kaizen, key instruments of the PACCAR Production System.

DAF Trucks: Quality trucks built by quality people.