DAF Trucks Limited

Production Facilities

The heart of DAF Trucks is its state-of-the-art production facilities, where continuous investment in the latest technology has placed DAF at the forefront of modern truck engineering.

Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Our facility here oversees the final assembly of over 41,000 vehicles each year. With its buildings covering a total area of 825,000 m2 - equivalent to 118 football fields - the plant also manufactures engines, chassis rails, mechanical and pressed components.

Westerlo, Belgium

Almost half the size of our Eindhoven facility, this modern plant is responsible for the manufacturing of cabs and axles.

Leyland, Lancashire

PACCAR-owned Leyland Trucks is the largest producer and exporter of trucks in the UK and has the capacity for 25,000 DAF trucks each year. The 600,000m2 plant (85 football fields) is considered to be one of the most modern, flexible and efficient manufacturing plants in Europe.

Because we are part of the PACCAR group, one of the world’s largest truck manufactures, DAF can deliver massive economies of scale in purchasing, commanding technological expertise and superior levels of financial security. Major investment has resulted in production processes that have improved working conditions and reduced environmental impact.