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Adding some sense to AdBlue

All new DAF Trucks are Euro 4 and Euro 5 compliant and use our advanced SCR technology to meet with this legislation. This requires the use of a simple and safe additive called AdBlue, which is easy to use, acquire and store.

However, despite AdBlue being the preferred choice for most manufacturers to meet with the latest European legislation (Euro 4/5) on diesel engine emissions, there are still many features of its role that are misunderstood.

Adblue has been designed specifically for the application of reducing emissions in a safe and easy to store way. A colourless liquid made up of 67.5% demineralised water and 32.5% urea, AdBlue’s role in the SCR process is as a reduction agent that reacts with, and neutralises, nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Housed in a separate tank AdBlue doesn’t actually come in to contact with the diesel, making it a clean, harmless and environmentally friendly solution.
In fact, of all the liquids used in a truck, AdBlue is the least hazardous.

AdBlue stockists

To make purchasing of AdBlue simple and straightforward, GreenChem has developed a constantly updated website that indicates to the location of all its dealers in the UK and in Europe – www.adblue4you.com. There’s also a free phone number which can be called – 00800 2007 7002. GreenChem currently has a network of 250 outlets, including all DAF dealers.

A little AdBlue goes a long way

The actual amount of AdBlue you use can vary considerably depending on the nature of the work – with a harder working vehicle producing more NOx during combustion. However, a small tank will give you a long range, for instance, a typical 18 tonner driving from Land’s End to John O’Groats will use only 8.6 litres at cost of just £3.35.

The benefits of AdBlue:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean and harmless
  • Easily obtained
  • Long lasting
  • Improves fuel efficiency