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DAF guides for sorting plastic parts

Reducing waste volume

Recycling - in other words the re-use, recycling and energy recovery of materials - represents a key component of DAF Trucks' environmental policy. This approach saves raw material and reduces the waste volume.

Clearly, trucks are mainly built out of metal parts and metal, by its very nature, is easy to recycle. However, more and more plastics are being introduced into the commercial vehicle industry. The majority of plastics can also be easily recycled, so long as a clear identification of the material type is provided. All plastic parts used in the production plant are therefore issued with a separate material code, to identify the exact plastic type. On the basis of this material code, service engineers of dealers and recycling companies will be able to sort and segregate plastic waste, ensuring suitability for reprocessing.

For ease of sorting, DAF Trucks has prepared an inventory of plastic parts introduced in its vehicles and has listed them in Guides for Sorting Plastic Parts. In order to assist in the identification of all parts, each plastic type in these guides has been issued its own unique colour code. As a result, it is no longer necessary to check each individual part for material codes. 

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