DAF Trucks Limited

DAF Environmental policy

Covering all the company’s activities, products, services and locations.

Since 1995, the company has had an official environmental policy statement. In 1999, a separate policy statement was added to it for EcoDesign, DAF’s unique approach to environmentally-oriented Product Development. As part of DAF’s environmental policy, a recycling policy was formulated in 2003.

Environmental policy statement of DAF Trucks N.V.

Principles of DAF Environmental policy

  • The ‘Policy Statement for Environmental Matters’ of PACCAR Inc.
  • Environmental care is a social responsibility of the company and thus for everyone in the organisation.
  • The complete life cycle of the product is taken into account in our activities, from initial development through to disposal.
  • An optimal balance between ecological and economical interests is aimed for in our activities, products and services.
  • The ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System.


  • Realise a continuous programme for environmental awareness, information, training and communication for all employees on DAF premises.
  • Deal with environmental effects pro actively in order to comply with relevant environmental legislation and with covenants before required time.
  • Continuously prevent, control and improve the environmental effect and the energy efficiency of company activities and the products and services it supplies.
  • Establish environmental objectives and measures for all company activities, supplied products and services.
  • Propagate the environmental policy, the environmental objectives and the environmental activities of the company in order to support the DAF brand image and its products and services.